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CLUB HOURS:  Open daily 5am-10pm w/ keycard access

STAFFED HOURS: M-W: 7am-10am, 2pm-7pm

                                           TH: 7am-10am, 3pm-6pm

                                            F: 7am-10a

**There will be no staffed hours on the following days:

- New years' Eve                   - Thanksgiving Day       

- New years' Day                   - Christmas Eve                               

- Memorial Day                     - Christmas Day

- July 4th     

- Labor Day              


       935 King Ave.

        Columbus, OH 43212

For general inquiries:



If you would like to talk to a specific trainer please feel free to contact them directly:

Ryan Henke


Lubo Palenik


Justin Tittel


Sydney Kondas


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