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Sweatbox now offers massage therapy to help improve your wellness and performance.  We are proud to partner with Lindsay McCollister, a licensed massage therapist with over 8 years of experience.  Lindsay is skilled in a wide range of massages, from gentle swedish and deep tissue massage, to cupping and Gua Sha therapy.  Massage sessions are customized to meet your needs.  

Massage Services:

Standard Massage Session:

A mixture of different modalities depending on what the body needs.  You will have the chance to discuss your specfic issues and needs before the massage.

Thai Massage:

An ancient healing therapy utilizing range motion and gentle yoga poses with intermittent pressure along lines of the body.  This relaxing therapy helps improve circulation, range of motion, and decrease muscular pain.


This barefoot massage focuses on working along body lines. Press and release movements as well as deep sustained pressure allow the body to relax and melt into the floor. Wear comfortable clothes for this massage. 


This therapy uses glass cups and fire are used to create suction in healing patterns on the body.  The cups can stay stationary or be moved around to create a massage effect.  The suction and negative pressure can loosen muscle and fascia as well as increase blood flow to problem areas.  Due to the suction drawing stagnant blood and fluid to the surface of the skin, temporary marks will often be visible after treatment.  

Foot Treatment:

15 extra minutes on your feet including a sugar foot scrub to exfoliate, hot scented towel to relieve tension, and rose water spray to leave your tootsies feeling amazing! 15 minutes - $20 add on

Gua Sha Facial Massage:

This gentle version of the traditional Chinese technique is relaxing and rejuvenating.  Using a Gua Sha tool, stagnation and lymph from the face and neck is moved through smooth strokes.  Finishing with a hot scented towel and rose water to soothe and tone the skin.  30 minute - $40

60 minute - $80


Lindsay graduated from The Dayton School of Medical Massage in early 2011. She is a skilled and intuitive therapist who finds discovering new ways to facilitate healing an adventure.

She specializes in custom sessions that often include multiple techniques and modalities. She is always eager to learn and grow as a therapist. Her past work with a Naturopathic doctor and being self-employed has broadened her knowledge of business and different types of healing.

"Massage has been a part of me since I can remember. Whether it was working on my grandmother who had arthritis or giving a comforting pat on the back. I have loved it and have been truly fortunate to get to practice it every day. I believe that the body knows what it needs to heal itself, my job is to listen and respond accordingly."

Questions? Need more info?

Contact Lindsay at:



30 Minutes: $55

60 Minutes: $85

90 Minutes: $110

**Packages are available for a discounted session price

**As a courtesy to our therapist and other clients, we require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  If proper notice is not provided, the full amount of the appointment will be charged.

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